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Welcome to the Decisive Decade

September 2, 2010 by admin

The last decade came in with an economic crisis and Y2K fear mongering. It went out with another economic crisis and terrorist fear mongering.

This next decade may be the most decisive decade humanity has ever faced.

In the relatively near future, probably within the next decade, the production of gases that are causing global warming must be brought under some sort of effective regime or the consequences will be disastrous for life on this planet as we know it.

Concurrent with that, we must, in the next decade, find a way curb our appetite for war and completely retire our most terrible weapons or this appetite will consume us.

We must learn to husband the Earth and protect her resources and we must completely put aside differences between people of this or that type.

The basis for all of this can only be a world that is moving forward, not backwards, in providing economic as well as political justice to all the people of the planet.

All of us who rang in the New Year last night are privileged to live in a most Special Time in History. At no time in the hundreds of thousands of years of human existence, or even the thousands of years of civilization, and quite possibly, at no time even in the distance future, can each one of us have the impact we can have in this decade on the success or failure of this whole attempt at intelligent life on Earth known as humanity.

Happy New Year!

Have a nice weekend then get busy...

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