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Laid off Census Worker Demands a Recount!

August 30, 2010 by admin

I was a U.S. census worker from the end of January until the middle of June. Now I'm standing in the unemployment line. Only there's no line. In California you have to apply for unemployment on-line not in a line. If you are an ex-Fed, you can't apply on-line. You have to telephone. Nobody answers the phone.

I started calling July 6th. I would get the 5 minute message, followed by touch-tone choices, followed by, sorry we are too busy, try again later. No, that's not quite fair, "Please try again later." Last week the stock market went up as the government reported a drop in first time unemployment claims. Friday, I was finally able to get through and file a claim.

The 2010 U.S. Census put over a hundred thousand people to work at a time when we very much needed it. Now that is all done but jobs market is not looking any better. So, I say, let's take another look at those numbers. I don't think we counted everyone. In fact here in TNSOL town [Target Non-Sheltered Outdoor Locations - pronounced 'tinsel'], I know that many people were missed. So I think we should do it all again. In 2010, let's have what we wanted and should have had in 2000 & 2004. We Demand a Recount!
Recounts, They're not just for elections anymore!

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