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Are "mutinous officers" are being executed in Egypt now?

February 25, 2011 by admin

That is the extremely troubling question that has been raised by an email that came my way this afternoon.

I seems that my earlier post Senior Egyptian Army Officers Ordered Massacre! here at the DailyKos and at WikiLeaks Central has caught the attention the activists that are making the Egyptian revolution. About it, On Thursday, 17 February, 2011, 1:39 AM, Mona Knoleif wrote:

Could this be true? This is contrary to what I heard from people who assured me that the army was initially refusing to even deploy on the streets let alone fire at demonstrators. What I heard is that they only agreed to deploy if mubarak appoints a deputy, declares that he will not run again and replaces the government of businessmen who ran Egypt as if it were their own private business. After he did all that, the army agreed to deploy.
However, I do not trust the military one bit and this report is very very worrying.
The revolution still has a long way to go. We must all be very alert, very aware and not drop our guard for one minute.
I have also heard runours that so-called "mutinous officers" are being persecuted and may be even executed. HELP! URGENTLY!!
Please post this on April 6th, We are all Khalid Said etc as I do not have access to facebook right now and distribute as widely as possible.

I have heard nothing before about these terms or any terms being demanded by the army before it would deploy. But it was quite late in deploying and apparently these terms were met.

Most troubling is that Mona says "have also heard rumors that so-called "mutinous officers" are being persecuted and may be even executed."

These rumors, if true, certainly make sense if my interpretation of events on the night of January 30th in Tahrir Square is correct, but are much worst than my prediction that "the military dictatorship will quietly discipline and replace the mutinous officers and soldiers."

This email with the Subject: From Wikileaks re the Egyptian revolution URGENT

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