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Agent Orange in Iraq?

September 2, 2010 by admin

What Weapons Did We Use?
Birth defects in Fallujah, Iraq have risen to the point where doctors at the new American built hospital are recommending that the women who live there stop having children! Seriously! Too many of the children they have been producing as of late remind me of the youngest victims of Agent Orange I saw last year in Vietnam. Agent Orange was not used in Iraq. We don't know what was used in Fallujah when the U.S. destroyed the old hospital and massacred the town in 2004. And the Pentagon ain't saying. In Vietnam: American Holocaust we documented the illegal use of white phosphorous in Fallujah but I doubt that these birth defects are product of "Willy Pete" alone. It is widely believed, and not without reason, that a whole range of new weapons, experimental weapons, were "tested" in Fallujah. Is there any truths to these rumors and does this have anything to do with the rise in birth defects?

Or is this merely the effects of white phosphorus, perhaps mixed with a little depleted uranium? Should we simply clear out the whole area, give them Wyoming in compensation? So the question must be put directly to the Pentagon and to the Obama administration that claims to be charge, and the answer must be insisted upon "Exactly what did you use in Fallujah?" The answer is vital to the future welfare of these children and all the people in that region. And while they are at it, they can figure out how to include our national responsibility to these kids, along with the Agent Orange babies of Vietnam, to our national health care plans. Surely we owe them that much.

This story also reveals the criminal complicity of the American Media with these war crimes. This story was reported on March 4 by the BBC, by the BBC mind you, not some left wing newspaper or 911 website, and I have not heard of one report in the U.S. media about it. Even Keith Olbermann has been silent.

That these tragic children should be the result of a bogus search for illegal weapons that weren't even there! Is not truth turned on its head? So the question must now be asked and answered Mr. President "What WMD did we use in Iraq?" and then some people in the last administration need to go to jail.

IMHO nothing reveals the criminal nature of our wars like the children that are born after them. This three minute BBC World News report is not to be missed. Watch it, then ask why this is not being reported by the American media.

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