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Was Meg Whitman Fooled by Her Maid?

December 2, 2010 by admin

Dear Meg Whittman:

You were fooled by your live-in housekeeper and nanny and now you want to be my governor? You protest that you are not a hypocrite! Because who would want a hypocrite for governor?

Meg Whitman claims that she never knew that her servant of 9 years was an illegal alien. She never questioned why she could never leave the country. She never asked why she didn't have a passport and couldn't get one. And in a state where a decent set of forged documents can be had for $50, she never suspected Nicky Diaz's. That's her story and she's sticking to it. Well, I find that story highly improbable but in the spirit of the coming holidays, Halloween and Christmas, and in homage to our current governor, I will suspend my disbelief. Meg, I believe you, you were fooled by your housekeeper.

Now I have a new problem. The problem for me is that your "I never even suspected" story raises even larger issues. You see, I never really had a problem with you hiring an undocumented worker. They need to eat too. Did you pay her well? Did you treat her well? Those would be my primary concerns.

I can't go to the main Santa Monica Library in the morning without navigating long lines of brown women pushing white babies in strollers, while their mothers are off making their "Meg Whitman" fortunes elsewhere. I find our present policy with regards to the millions of 'undocumented' Latinos that play such a vital role in California's economy to be without ethical or moral foundation. It's another one of those cases, like with the slave codes, sodomy laws, the anti-marijuana laws, or the anti-skate boarding laws of Atlantic City that made me a rebel in my youth, when the law is wrong and the people are right. I never have a problem with people breaking such laws.

I do have a problem with people that are so naive and gullible that they can be so easily conned. Meg, you say Nicky fooled you for nine years? Then I am clueless as to how you became the CEO of a major company. But why would I want a governor so easily fooled? The governor of California will have to deal with some very sharp cookies, and I suspect, some of the best con artists in the world. Leaving aside for the moment your "Treat Us Like Adults" promise [ translates to: under Gov. Whittman, "You're on your own." ] and your other bankrupt policies, and suspending my disbelief on your story about Nicky. Why would I want a fool for governor?

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