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Is Boehner's Idea of a Social Safety Net a Facebook Page?

January 18, 2011 by admin

I heard this in Countdown with Keith tonight:

BRIAN WILLIAMS: When you go home next, is there a sidewalk, a place, a person that's kind of a talisman to grab onto? Again, talkin' about strength and the new job?

JOHN BOEHNER: Well, I get strength every day just uh, going to my Facebook site.

I'm absolutely amazed. He is now Speaker of the House in a country with, let's be real, 17% unemployment, and he has time to spend on Facebook everyday? I'm one of those unemployed and I find I only have time to tend to Facebook stuff 2 or 3 times a week! What gives?

If you want to make him feel better, or maybe just piss on his wall. Here it is.

This just in:

Julie Kindle Driscoll 9:15pm Jan 6
Boehner: “We need to cut spending . . . ” [12/17/10] . . . “Let’s be clear, if we actually want to help our economy get back on track and to begin creating jobs . . . We need to cut spending significantly.” [12/17/10] . . . “Our new majority will prepare to do things differently . . . It starts with cutting spending . . . .” [11/3/10] . . . “We will not solve our fiscal challenges until we cut spending.” [8/25/10] . . . “If we want to solve the budget problem . . . we have to get our arms around the runaway spending that’s going on in Washington, D.C.” [8/9/10] . . . “And if in fact we’re elected to the majority you’re going to see us cut spending . . . ." . . . “Republicans have been consistently focused on offering better solutions to cut spending now.” [6/21/10] . . . “We will never get our economy out of the ditch until we cut spending . . . .” [8/30/10] . . .

WILLIAMS: Name a program right now that we could do without.

BOEHNER: I don’t think I have one off the top of my head.

Things haven't been going to well for Motown lately. First Teena Marie dies and now Boehner threatens to give "Tears of a Clown" a whole new meaning.

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