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NewsClips from the Iraq War [DVD]

July 7, 2010 by admin

News Clips shows the Iraq War for what is really is, a war of conquest waged against a brave people by greedy men for oil and power. It uses the trusted TV news sources that most people rely on. The opening weeks of the Iraq War saw an unprecedented level of news coverage. This 24/7 blitz was to sell the war as reality TV. They obscured the truth with mountains of trash and irrelevant coverage. Linux Beach has gone through hundreds of hours of press conferences, talking heads, embedded and field reports from CNN, Fox, CSPAN, ABC, NBC, CBS, BBC, CBC and Al Jazeera and distilled the gems from the muck. We have strung together these gems into a montage of clips that will alternately make you laugh and make you cry. Ultimately it will make you angry. No one has come away from watching this video still supporting the war. Length 61 minutes.
George Bush
“I’m hopeful that he does disarm, but in the name of peace and the security of our people, if he won’t do so voluntarily, we will disarm him and others will join him, er will join us in disarming him.”
President G. W. Bush
“There is this potential that because of the work that the men and women did in Afghanistan, because of the work that is being done right now in Iraq, that might spread throughout the region and what we see now as a very dangerous belt may turn into a very profitable belt er very helpful belt to the democratic cause worldwide.”
David Anson, Fox News
Fox News Promoted the War
Massive bombing destroyed Iraq "And our further advice is to surrender. There is no reason that the country should be torn up by Iraqis that are going to have to live there."
Senator Richard Lugar
“When we go back to Bush’s little speech this morning when he talked about restoring Iraq to its people. What about Palestine and restoring Palestine to its people?”
 BBC Comentator
Senator Richard Lugar is one smart guy
Iraqi civilians suffered and died
Predicted the future troubles “Do you believe that U.S. troops could at some point down the road move into your country? Is that at all a pre-occupation of your government or your people?”
“No it’s not. Because we believe the United States has its hands full with the adventure it has started in Iraq. The political phase of the post war era is going to be far more difficult and far more dangerous than the current military phase.”   -      Iranian Ambassador to the U.N.
March 30, 2003
“The United States just planning on just walking on thru here like it was going to be easy and all that but it’s not so easy to conquer a country.”
Sgt Jimmy Paiz
U.S. Marine Corps
Not so easy to conquer a country
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