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Facts Are Stubborn Things #1

September 8, 2010 by admin

According to the L.A. Times on 8/20/03 “There was speculation that the U.N. may have been attacked because Vieira de Mello had recently expressed support for U.S. policy and the new Iraqi Governing Council.” So how come this relevent piece of information was completely absent from the TV News coverage of the Baghdad attack on the U.N.?

Could it be that they want us to see no other explanation than “an evil expression of these attack against all humanity” as Akila Al-Hashimi of the U.S. picked Iraqi Governing Council was quoted as saying in that same article.

Of course she'll say anything. Back in February when she still worked for Saddam she told the Arab League “the defense of Iraq is now the defense of the civilized world.” Sure she worked for Saddam, but now she's our Joe. Why should anybody doubt our democratic intentions or her intergity?

As a matter of fact the United Nations has recently moved away from all pretense of opposition to the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq. Just days before this attack, on August 15th, the U.N. passed a resolution that ``welcomes the establishment of the broadly representative Governing Council of Iraq.” That is another point over looked by the media in its frenzy to report the “terrorist act” against the U.N.

Well the fact is that by expressing support for a regime installed by a foreign invader purely by force of arms they were taking sides in a war. And now they are Shocked, Shocked to find that they are the target of attack.

President Bush called this a terrorist attack since the war is over, but the FBI has identified the bomb as about 1000 lbs. of military explosives from Saddam's army.

Recently Bush was responsible for exploding a bomb at least 20 times as big in Baghdad. Hey the “Mother Of All Bombs” as they liked to call it was just the largest of thousands he sent. But that wasn't terrorism because the TV just showed us the fireworks, not the carnage on the ground. Beside he was just doing what he had to do to rid Iraq of Weapons of Mass Destruction er I mean Freeing the Iraqi People.

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