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Keith Olbermann, You Can't Give Those People an Inch! Hotlist

January 18, 2011 by admin

I'm a regular viewer but the first time I heard Keith Olbermann mentioned on ABC News "This Week" with Christiane Amanpour was this morning. It was the round-table, and they were talking about the tragic shooting in Arizona yesterday and the ways in which the current political climate may have contributed to it. George Stephanopoulis says to Dick Armey of Freedom Works:

Already we are seeing a real political impact. You've got, on the left, Keith Olbermann last night on MSNBC yesterday apologizing for any statements he may have made that incited violence.

As a result a lot of people who have never seen Countdown, will now think Keith Olbermann and the Left must have something to apologize for. This in a discussion on which Fox News and Glenn Beck never get mentioned! Nobody mentioned the Tea Party or their people bringing guns to political rallies. Only Donna Brazille mentioned the much promoted "Second Amendment Remedies", George Will says some people are "unhinged" is all and Dick Armey is arguing that what happened yesterday has nothing to do with politics and is no reason for the millions of "activists" who are "doing their duty" to "stand down."

I've criticized KO for many things in my diary. Now I want to take him to task for apologizing. I didn't see him "apologizing for any statements he may have made that incited violence" as GS put it, so I don't know what he said. But I watch Countdown almost every night and I can't imagine what he has to apologize for. KO has been one of the foremost voices in MSM warning that carrying guns to political rallies and talking about second amendment remedies has consequences and that is certainly nothing to apologize for at this juncture.

So I would like to know exactly what he thought he was apologizing for, because if it was one of those throw away statements that Liberals like to make in the hopes that by showing a certain level of humility and introspection, the other side will do the same, it is an example of why you should not do that.

These people are heartless.

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