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Just Another Day In Iraq

September 2, 2010 by admin

The truth is that I only get around to checking this Iraqi Resistance website every once in a while. I when I do I end up posting something because we get so little real news from Iraq and we are so inundated with politicians and Media saying the "Surge is Working" because "Violence is Down" in Iraq. It has become so much the accepted wisdom that now certain politicians are publicly berated for not admitting that the "Surge is Working". So I post this here to remind us all that those are all lies!

Now here are the headlines for Monday in Iraq:

*_ Monday, 28 July 2008._*

· Tribal police battle Iraqi regime troops in al-Hadithah Monday.

· Sunni-sectarian al-Qa‘idah belt bombers kill 32 Iraqi civilians in sectarian suicide attacks in Baghdad, Monday morning.

· Woman bomber kills 25 civilians in suicide attack on demonstration in Kirkuk Monday morning.

· US, Iraqi forces capture 57 Sunni-sectarian al-Qa‘idah gunmen in operation in northern Iraq Sunday night.

· In continued preparations for US attack on Iran, Iraqi police arrest five pro-Iranian Shi‘i-sectarian militiamen in raids, searches in al-Basrah.

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