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Dishonest Amanpour's take on the Korean Crisis

November 25, 2010 by admin

Since I spent most of yesterday with my diary on the North Korean attack on Yeonpyeong Island, I was very interested to hear "This Week" anchor Christiane Amanpour's take on the crisis on today's Good Morning America. What I heard was a traitorous piece of dishonest journalism that speaks volumes about the MSM take on this crisis and calls into question the integrity of ABC News in particular. What she said was this:
In terms of what North Korea wants, and that's everybody's question. you heard Adm. Mullen, Joint Chiefs of Staff, nobody quite knows. Is it because they are constantly in this dance of provocation for rewards? Is it because they want to be taken seriously as a nuclear power? Is it because of the succession struggle now in North Korea, because he wants to rack up some victories for his son? The Whiethouse is saying they are going to break this cycle of North Korean provocation in turn for rewards.
If you read my dairy yesterday, then you already know that what the North Koreans say is at the heart of the dispute is the UN imposed North Limit Line. This "water border" rather than continuing out into ocean straight where North and South Korea meet, as the North Koreans would have it, goes north and so closely follows the North Korean coastline that Yeonpyeong Island, which is only 7 miles off the coast of North Korea (and 60 miles from South Korea) is on the South Korean side of this "water border." It is as though the water border between the United States and Mexico hugged so closely to the California coast that Catalina was considered to be on the Mexican side. Christiane Amanpour never mentions, never even alludes to, this aspect of the dispute. At it's heart, this particular border dispute is economic. [surprise! surprise!] The disputed waters are a very rich fishing area. From Wikipedia:
Yeonpyeong Island is renowned for its kumouuri, a specialty spiced crab unavailable elsewhere in South Korea.
The NLL has been used to keep the North Koreans from fishing it. As we all have been told many times, people are starving in North Korean. They are demanding the right to fish in the waters off their coast and we are denying them that. From Wikipedia:
As North Korea does not recognize the line, its fishing boats work close to or over the limit line, escorted by North Korean naval boats
That right, information about the true nature of this crisis and the very real complaints that North Koreans have been voicing is available on Wikipedia. It is also on the official North Korean government website, which for your information, I have copied below. I found this stuff out after a couple of days of Googling. Christiane Amanpour also knows this stuff or ABC News has no business putting her forward as their news expert in this area. Adm. Mullen and President Obama damn sure know about the NLL and the beef the North Koreans have with it. It is fundamentally dishonesst and corrupt for Christiane Amanpour and ABC News to report the story this way. "In terms of what North Korea wants, and that's everybody's question." North Korea has made that quite clear. The beef about the NNL may not be the whole story, but it is a big part of it, and that and many other parts of this story are being kept from the American people by the unity and corruption of a "free press" that censors the news we need to make life and death decisions. This is no small matter, with 25,000 American soldiers on the frontlines in South Korea, the America people deserve the truth about the issues at stake and the real policies they may be asked to fight and die for! I wrote this dairy on Thanksgiving, not because I think this one little issue is so important. I wrote it because I think it is symptomatic of the censored and filtered news we get, not just from Christiane Amanpour on Korea, but from all of the MSM on all questions up and down the line, and that is important. Happy Thanksgiving!
As we know, every story has at least two sides, in what maybe an American media first, I am using the box below to give you the unfiltered North Korean side of the story as told on DPRK website:
The DPRK (North Korean side) warned ROK (South Korea) against the “Hoguk” exercise to be staged by the US imperialist aggressor forces and the south Korean puppet fascist armed forces many times. Map from North Korean Government website The map above shows the “Northern Limit Line” (NLL). The line was unilaterally set by the US led United Nations military forces on August 30, 1953. It is not officially recognized by DPRK (North Korea). In particular, it is not included into the Armistice Agreement of 1953. The line was originally drawn to prevent southern incursions into the north – however its role has since transformed to prevent DPRK ships heading south. On 23nd of November at 1300 local time the South Korean fired shots inside the Northern Limit Line, towards DPRK. At 1434 upon receiving the order from the Supreme Command of the Korean People’s Army, we returned fire against the South Korean attackers based in the military camp of Yongpyong. The answer against the South Korean provocation shows that DPRK honour its promise as stated before and announced in KCNA that any aggression against the North will be met with material response.
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